Students decorated cards for Pepero Day.

KSA Hosts Second Annual Pepero Day Event

By: Jessica Carnabuci, Autumn McLeod Jaeni Lee covered chocolate-covered pretzels with colorful icing and sprinkles to make Pepero sticks for her boyfriend Robert Cho. a�?Ita��s just a custom in Korea to make Pepero, or buy…

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CafA� Con LASO Promotes Latino Culture at Stony Brook

By: Craig Petraglia & Michael DeSantis As Joel Polanco, a Hispanic Stony Brook University student, finished his musical performance at CafA� Con LASO, about 150 students in a packed ballroom at Stony Brooka��s Center for…


Long Island DIY Music Is Not Dead

by Kevin Urgiles, Jay Shah and Joseph Ryder The piercing sound of Chris Gracia��s Fender telecaster escapes through the clear-glass door of Shakers Pub in Oakdale to become little more than an inaudible soundcheck from…