Sisters bring NYC vibe to Long Island salon

Salon Martone opened its doors on Monday, March 7. Celebrity nail artist, Lexi Martone, specializes in unique nail art. Photo Credit: Michaela ChristmanSalon Martone opened its doors on Monday, March 7. Celebrity nail artist, Lexi Martone, specializes in unique nail art. Photo Credit: Michaela Christman

By Michaela Christman and Kelly Saberi

Celebrity nail artist and Dix Hills-native Lexi Martone opened the doors to her new business, Salon Martone, on Monday, March 7 with her younger sister, hair and makeup artist, Bria Martone.

The sister-duo began drafting a plan to open their own salon almost a year ago– hoping to combine their talents for nail and hair/makeup art.

a�?Wea��re trying to bring a Manhattan salon to Long Island,a�? Bria Martone explained.

a�?Our salon looks like it belongs in the city,a�? Lexi Martone, the older sister said.

This is not the first beauty parlor on Long Island attempting to be the Islanda��s a�?go-toa�� salon. Nubest in Manhasset has been described with similar remarks by NY Mag and The New York Times–A�but what makes Salon Martone special is its list of celebrity admirers.

Lexi Martone began picking up A-list celebrity clients like Kate Holmes, Jennifer Lopez and Jada Pinkett-Smith three years ago after leaving the fashion design industry.

Getting the star treatment comes at a higher price than at a typical Long Island nail salon. A manicure and pedicure at Sparkle Nails, a few hundred feet away is $18. A few minute drive away at Lavender Tips, a manicure and pedicure is $30. Lexi Martone stays away from feet, thus a manicure alone starts at $30, with an additional fee for each nail with art. A set of nails at Salon Martone can add up to as much as $110.

Nail guru Lexi wears virtually no makeup. One of her hands has long, pointed fake nails and her painting hand is left natural to help keep her work precise. Her younger sister Bria puts on lipstick for the pictures and looks into the camera without smiling. Their mother greets people at the door wearing youthful blue extensions.

a�?She [Bria] was always into hair and makeup and it was always a big joke, like, hey, we should open a salon, we should open a salon– and then we finally just decided to actually open a salon,a�? Lexi Martone said.

Lexia��s Instagram currently has 104,000 followers. After going to trade shows and competitions, Lexi started to garner recognition from other top nail artists and now Kylie Jenner, known for loving her nails, has even featured Martone on her personal app that has over 1 million downloads. A�

a�?I found her on Instagram and started going to her and then her sister as well for hair,a�? Jackie Olsen, a Salon Martone client said. a�?It is extremely different, ita��s younger, ita��s modern and ita��s not your run of the mill place at all. Ita��s sparkly– ita��s very Lexi and Bria.a�?

Salon Martone glistens from top to bottom with gems, rhinestones and black and gold decor.

a�?The Martone sisters and their staff have the highest caliber NYC talent to make you look beautiful but the salon also posses that neighbor-like quality of making you feel at home and beautiful from the inside,a�? Shari Bender, a Salon Martone client said.

The Martone sisters are already looking to add another location and are looking to expand within the next few years.