Stony Brook University

Niloofar Sima, an Iranian citizen and sophomore at Stony Brook University, recalled discouraging her mother from traveling home to visit her ill grandmother: "I told her you going there is not going to change a thing." SKYLER GILBERT/THE LONG ISLANDER

Rutgers cancels trip to Mecca despite executive ban appeal

By Chris Peraino and Skyler Gilbert The Center of Islamic Life at Rutgers University has cancelled an upcoming hajj, citing airport discrimination anxieties despite a federal appeals court refusing to reinstate President Trumpa��s executive travel…

Photo by Abigail Wolfenberger

Women coders disadvantaged by gender

By Kristie Kam and Abigail Wolfenberger Women are better coders than men but are hindered by gender, a study released in February by researchers at California Polytechnic State University and North Carolina State University suggests….